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  • You're not feeling as good as you should for your age, or . . .
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Michael Kiselak
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“Len’s view of how to improve health takes people out of their minds and into their hearts, while looking at total well-being in an interactive creative process of sharing and caring.”
Rick Bothwell, D.D.S., M.P.H.
     Director, Indian Health Services, U.S.P.H.S.


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"My recommendations are backed by stacks of scientific papers, and thousands of overjoyed users. My complete Healing Celebrations™ recommendations, explained in detail in the 207-page Healing Celebrations hardcover book, 8-hour DVD, and 6-hour "Taking Care of Yourself" interactive personal training program with CDs and workbook, is fully guaranteed to get you healthier, or completely healed, faster, with less effort, less risk of toxic side effects, and far less cost than any other method of professional care. That's my personal promise and guarantee to you and your loved ones.

In this Healing Celebrations™ package offer, you will learn . . .

  • 5 practical steps to reverse cancer, autoimmune diseases, and vaccine injuries, and . . .
  • 5 spiritual steps to manifest miraculous healings . . .

You will also reap these benefits . . .

  • Boosted defenses against the current and coming plagues, and even biochemical attacks
  • Lowered risks linked to virtually every modern illness,
  • Fasting and detoxifying made easy for optimal blood, liver, kidney, and intestinal cleansing,
  • Tailored body chemistry to ward off persistent flu-like conditions and other infections, arthritis, nerve problems, heart disease, cancers, and more,
  • Multiple ways to boost natural immunity,
  • Oxygenating activities, supplements, products, and technologies that can prompt spontaneous full recoveries from the worst afflictions, and
  • Bioelectrifying your way back to optimal health.

In case you haven't heard, what makes this information urgent is that Biblical, political, and scientific predictions say that more than half the world's population, Americans included, will not survive the current and coming plagues. The ridiculously-hyped "Avian Flu" is one example. News reports are increasingly alarming. You are being misinformed to become fearful rather than faithful, intelligent, and armed for prevention and natural healing.

Why put medical deities (MDs), what I call 'brain-washed mind-controlled slaves of the global drug cartel,' forever in control of your life and health when 'knowledge of the truth shall set you free?'

Here's Why You Can Trust What I'm Saying. . . .

In 1981 I published an important scientific report in the American Journal of School Health. It contained the "Self-care Motivation Model for Healthy Human Development" that is featured in Healing Celebrations and described in this summary.

At that time I was a practicing dentist, director of an alternative medical clinic, and a post-doctoral health science researcher and faculty member at Harvard University. During the next ten years I received two additional master's degrees, one in public health from Harvard, and the other in health education from Beacon College. I published dozens of scientific reports in various fields of health and healing. I personally trained more than 30,000 healthcare professionals in the most advanced ways to prevent and treat modern infectious diseases. And most importantly, I became the father of three optimally healthy, totally unvaccinated, children who, along with my wife and I, practice the simple and effective strategies I recommend here for you and your family.

If I told you that now my oldest daughter is a teenager, extremely healthy, and never took medicines, not even one aspirin, you probably wouldn't believe me. Yet this is true. The same for my second daughter and son.

Healing CelebrationsIn Healing Celebrations, I crystallize all of the most important information and recommendations I learned and lovingly shared with my own family over the years.

Healing Celebrations™ will accelerate your understanding of the true dynamics of health over which you can maintain control over a lifetime.

The ten simple truths I tell include five physical and five spiritual steps to health freedom and optimal wellness. Taking these steps will not only prevent modern plagues from striking you and your loved ones, but will help you, and others, recover, most rapidly and dramatically, from every lifestyle-related disease, including cancers, autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, arthritis, and much more.

You needn't be alarmed by news reports about frigthening flus or "terminal" illnesses if you practice what I preach.

Click Here and I'll tell you more. . . .

Your self-care journey begins here!

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Here are Dr. Horowitz's Frequently Requested Fasting Instructions

This is an in depth explanation of fasting covered by Dr. Len Horowitz in his book Healing Celebrations
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