The science and technology for miraculous healings . . .

The greatest miracle worker and healer in recorded history, the Jewish “King” and Christian Messiah—Yeshua Ben Joseph of Nazareth—explained that people die mostly from their lack of applied knowledge. This is the knowledge I share throughout my Healing CelebrationsTM instruction program. During this self-care program, you will integrate the most valuable lessons impacting your life and health. And that’s a promise!

The Healing Celebrations package consists of the following fantastic materials . . .

  • The best-selling book Healing Celebrations
  • The 8-hour Healing Celebrations DVD
  • The 6-hour “Taking Care of Yourself” interactive health education program with a 36-page, fill-in-the-blank, guidebook, and
  • Two special compact discs recorded for personal and world healing based on the sounds of the original musical scale.

Both of these CDs were designed to relay the most powerful spiritual healing tones ever recorded and only recently discovered. I relayed and discussed these Divine sounds in detail in my 1999 bestseller, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. This 525-page book was co-authored by esteemed naturopathic physician Dr. Joseph S. Puleo.

Combined into one complete package, the above materials relay everything you need to know and do, to enhance your health, and even experience miraculous recoveries on a self-care journey to optimal wellness.

Remember, this entire program is fully guaranteed to dramatically improve your health and well being. . . or your money back!

“Dr. Horowitz’s compassion for humanity really comes across in this package. His information is refreshing and inspiring. Indeed, it is time to celebrate!”
Lois Roberts,
Denver, CO

“Dr. Horowitz’s Healing CelebrationsTM program destroys the myths perpetuated by the media and replaces it with factual data and knowledge.  His work in this field should be integrated by every health care professional.”
James M. Lindsey, D.D.S.
General Dentist


“Dr. Len Horowitz is a loving, highly engaging, author and speaker with some important things to say. He is a pioneer in the expansion of the widening circle of healing encompassing the world today.”

Dr. Wayne Baker

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