Urgent Life-saving Advice . . .

Let me explain why I believe the Healing Celebrations healing_celebrations_pagpackage of materials is urgent for you to secure health, prevent disease, and save lives.

I’m not going to frighten you by citing the horrific statistics released by government officials showing staggering increases in cancer, autoimmune diseases, infectious outbreaks, childhood illnesses, and other plagues which are presently striking humanity, and predicted to get much worse in the near future.

Instead, this website is dedicated to solutions. . . .

For this, let me summarize the contents of my book Healing Celebrations, which lays the foundation for my recommendations in this program.

This bestseller begins by providing “Sacred Wisdom for Healing.” Here you will learn from King Solomon, himself. His age old wisdom from The Apocrypha is reviewed with an eye for miraculous healings. You will learn that life, and the wisdom to master every life challenge, depends on correct knowledge, inner spiritual growth, and entering into the “no fear” zone.

Models for Health Promotion . . .

Very early in this book, I introduce you to the key elements of the “Self-Care Motivation Model,” and the “Wholistic Model of Human Beings,” both of which are depicted below:


The Self-Care Motivation Model


At the top of the “Self-Care Motivation Model” is the word "VALUE." This graphically displays the VALUE you place on health is vitally important, yet typically underrated. This is most unfortunate for the vast majority of people who simply haven’t taken the time to examine the preciousness of life, and quality of life, which depends on health.
      Beyond clarifying your health values, the Healing Celebrations package contains special written exercises and personal processes that will have you examining your assets and liabilities concerning every aspect of health. You want to capitalize on your assets, and minimize your liabilities. This includes, and, in fact, begins with, your personal exploration of the values you hold concerning your health, and the reasons you hold them.

To understand the other elements of this model, simply click on the graphic to learn why it is vital to: establish health goals; self-regulate through awareness of your (innermost) thoughts, feelings, and body sensations; develop your personal willpower to make healthy choices consistently over the long term; and gain the feedback reinforcement you need to continue on your journey to higher levels of health, wellness, and miraculous recoveries.


“A great evangelist once said, ‘there is no limit to what God can do through a man totally given over to Him.’

The past year, knowing and working with Dr. Len Horowitz [during his Healing Celebrations seminars] has been an honor. I have seen a man in the refiner’s fire, being molded and made into the image of God. Yet, at the same time, he has maintained such childlike faith, that if God said it, he believes it. . . .

He seeks to be a God pleaser, not a man pleaser. How many of us can say that in honesty? . . .

Corinthians 2 (5:17) advises us to follow closely, and learn from men like the evangelists of long ago. For a man given over to God can speak the oracles of God in confidence and assurance because his heart is fixed on Him.

Dr. Horowitz is such a man. His works and words have proven to be accurate and prophetic . . . .

The word says, (2 Chronicles 20:20) “Believe the prophet and you shall prosper.” 

I know I have through Dr. Horowitz’s teachings, by his example, and from reading Healing Celebrations. You will too!
Dr. Horowitz, we love and appreciate you.”

Valerie Saxion, Ph.D.


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